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Ubuntu Junior One CD 10.10

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Ubuntu Junior One CD 10.10  Empty Ubuntu Junior One CD 10.10

Post  Sapinder on Thu Nov 03, 2011 8:14 pm

Ubuntu Junior One CD 10.10  Bc7f2166e9
Ubuntu Junior One CD 10.10 | 693 MB

will probably flash drive for 1 2 gb and put a new and nowhere is there
.. So I want to submit the appropriate option! Naturally default image
is not suitable localization is not complete and there is no codec
required software .. What is so special about this distro! In the first
place ..
System requirements:
. CPU: 1.8 GHz
. RAM: 512 Mb
. VIDEO: 64 Mb preferably nvidia or other compatible video card
. AUDIO: Sound Card

Additional Information:
1. Basic audio \ video codec
2. Adobe flash player
3. Firefox 3.6.13 + netvideohunter
4. Support of archives 7zip, rar and other
5. Pidgin Off Topic in isq, irc, qq and so m
6. Twitux Off Topic at Tweeter
7. Xchat irc client
8. Deluge Great torrent client and receives and distributes without glitches
9. Slaws mail easy e mail client (recommended)
10. Pinta Something between gimp and Paintnet simple and functional
11. Deadbeef an audio player by fans foobar 2000 (written from scratch and under the gpl)
12. Totem as said above codecs when it
13. Radiotray very handy for those who like cFosSpeed ??online radio
14. Brasero
15. Gnome alsa mixer fine tuning of the microphone and other devices
16. Abiword quite functional text editor
17. Compiz + Emerald for fans of dice, and other effects
18. Tuxcommander lightweight file manager ala NC, VC
19. Ailurus tool for configuring
20. Grub Customizer Editor boot menu in Grub2
21. Decorator a tool for emergency restart compiz
22. Ghextris small game (diamond shaped Tetris)
23. Dropbox This obloko, free store where you can store up to 2GB of information
24. Ppaseach a search engine ppa repositories console (as root, go and write ppasearch program name)
25. Mintmenu and the panel in position kde
26. In assembling a decent set of repositories with software and drivers
27. Registration is done is not familiar to junior

Year: 2011
Genre: Operating Systems
Architecture: x86
Language: English & Russian

Ubuntu Junior One CD 10.10  06135359664286357468


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[b]Download Filejungle.com[/b]


[i]links are [b]interchangable[/b][/i] add 5 recovery ,enjoy!

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